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The Barrel Racing Tips Podcast hosted by Heather Smith has a very clear mission - which is to help barrel racers WIN in the arena and in LIFE with education, inspiration and implementation for developing educated, confident, and competitive equine athletes.

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You'll gain valuable insights for bringing out you and your horse's greatest potential for maximum positive results in competition, in a way that honors your horse's physical and mental well-being every step of the way. 

The Barrel Racing Tips Podcast shares tips for advancing your horsemanship skills, offering the best possible horse health care, as well as building emotional fitness and a sharp mental game for horse and human alike - for high-level achievement without compromise!

If you're ready to take every aspect of your barrel racing to the next level, then WELCOME - you're in the right place!

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Sep 13, 2023

In episode 296 I shared a special resource containing my favorite exercises, and most importantly how to go about executing them (and all others) for maximum success!

To get all FIVE 'Perfect Pattern' exercises (my treat), click here.

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